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How do animals that live in the cold keep warm?
By reducing heat loss and have anitomical adaptations.
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Why do they have excellent insulation?
To reduce heat loss.
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Why do these animals have small ears?
To reduce surface area to volume ratio.
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How might animals avoid the cold?
By changing their behaviour.
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How do they do this?
Migrating to warmer areas or hibernate.
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What do penguis have to reduce heat loss?
Counter-current heat exchange.
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What might animals that live in cold climates have?
Biochemical adaptations, such as antifreeze protiens in their cells.
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To reduce heat loss, animals adapt in a number of ways:
Anatomical and behavioural
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Give an example of an anatomical adaptation
Camals reduce heat loss by having very little hair on the underside of their bodies.
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What is a behavioural adaptaion?
Example: licking themselves or panting.
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What do animals do to reduce heat gain?
Change their behaviour. for example seek shade when hot.
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How do organisms cope with dry conditions?
They have behavioural, anatomical and physcological adaptations.
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Give an example:
Camals have concentrated urine so can survive with little water.
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Another example:
Cacti reduce water loss because their leaves have reduced to spines.
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What are extremophiles?
Organisms that survive in very hot conditions.
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How can some bacteria live in hot springs?
The have enzymes that do not denature at temperatures as high as 100°C
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Why are some organisms called specialists?
They are very well adapted to live in specific habitats and struggle to live elsewhere.
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What are generalists?
Organisms that can live in several habitats (they would lose to specialists in certain habitats).
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What is an anotomical adaptation?
What certain animals are made to do.
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Why do they have excellent insulation?


To reduce heat loss.

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Why do these animals have small ears?


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How might animals avoid the cold?


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How do they do this?


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