B2 Keeping Healthy Part 1

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1. why are volunteers in a clinical trial put into two groups at random

  • because two is an even number
  • because it is important that the results of clinical trials are not influenced by the expectations of the people involved
  • to make sure both groups have a similar gender balance and age range
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2. drugs that have passed the second stage go on to be tested - how

  • clinical trials - They are tested on healthy volunteers to check they are safe. The substances are then tested on people with the illness to ensure they are safe and that they work
  • tested on dogs
  • The drugs are tested using computer models and human cells grown in the laboratory
  • tested on animals, a typical test involves giving a known amount of the substance to the animals, then monitoring them carefully for any side-effects

3. why is it very hard to produce a permanent vaccine for viruses

  • because they mutate quickly, and this changes their surface proteins
  • because their antigens change shape very quickly
  • because they are too big to control

4. What is the lag phase

  • When there is lots of reproductions taking place
  • When there is no reproduction. The bacteria are copying DNA and proteins within their single cells
  • When something lags

5. what are antibiotics

  • chemicals that prevent the growth of microorganisms, so provide protection against the disease
  • a type of antimicrobials which are effective against bacteria but not against viruses. they allow doctors to treat illnesses caused by bacteria, such as tuberculosis
  • a vaccine that causes disease
  • A group of substances that are used to kill microorganisms or ihibit (slow) their growth. They are effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi.


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