B2 Keeping Healthy Part 1

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1. why are volunteers in a clinical trial put into two groups at random

  • because it is important that the results of clinical trials are not influenced by the expectations of the people involved
  • to make sure both groups have a similar gender balance and age range
  • because two is an even number
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2. What does the immune system use to defend the body

  • An army
  • Binary fission
  • White blood cells
  • Red blood cells

3. what does a high mutation rate mean

  • that the genes of the virus frequently changes, so the human body has to use the same antibody over and over to kill the virus completely
  • that the DNA of the virus frequently changes, so the human body has to destroy the virus using a different antibody each time, which makes it harder to develop immunity
  • that the genes in your body frequently multiply and can cause lumps and cancers
  • the rate at which something multiplys by four

4. What does a host cell do

  • Collect gravy from the supermarket
  • surround every cell you will study
  • Viruses enter the host cell and 'hijack' the cells mechanisms for making DNA and proteins, and make copies of themselves
  • Absorb water from the body and inject it into cells that are lacking in water

5. how can you become resistant to antimicrobials

  • mutations in genes and under use of antibiotics
  • overuse of antibiotics and mutations in genes
  • overuse of antibiotics and under use of antibiotics


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