B2 Keeping Healthy Part 1

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1. What is the stationary phase

  • Where resources begin to become scarce and bacteria are dying at the same rates so being produce
  • When the car stops
  • When the cells stop working
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2. a course of antibiotics should be:

  • completed so that all bacteria is killed and taken once a week
  • prescribed only for serious infections and completed so all bacteria is killed
  • prescribed only for serious infections and uncompleted so that your body can remember the microorganism for the next time it enters the body
  • lots and lots of antibiotics (20 daily)

3. how can you become resistant to antimicrobials

  • overuse of antibiotics and mutations in genes
  • overuse of antibiotics and under use of antibiotics
  • mutations in genes and under use of antibiotics

4. What happens when a microorganism enters the body

  • You die
  • They reproduce slowly and gradually you feel the symptoms of disease
  • They reproduce quickly and cause symptoms of disease
  • Your body does not detect the microorganism and you don't feel the symptoms

5. Pathogens include:

  • Pathogens and bacteria
  • Bacteria
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Fungi and bacteria


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