B2 Keeping Healthy Part 1

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1. What is binary fission

  • The library cafe in cambridge
  • When the binary numbers in computer science total to 100
  • A type of asexual reproduction where bacteria reproduce by dividing into two
  • When hydrogen atoms fuse with other hydrogen atoms to form a compound bond
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2. When is someone said to be immune to a particular pathogen

  • When memory cells have been created for the same antigen
  • When they recovered from it for the first time
  • When they feel the symptoms

3. what happens in a blind trial and a double blind trial

  • the patient becomes blind/severely blind due to vaccination
  • when one group called the test group is given the new drug being trialled. the results are compared with the control group. one control group receives existing treatment the other control group receives a placebo
  • when the patient and doctor both know the treatment. This type of trial happens when there is no other treatment and the patients are so ill that doctors believe they will not recover from their illnesses

4. What is the stationary phase

  • Where resources begin to become scarce and bacteria are dying at the same rates so being produce
  • When the car stops
  • When the cells stop working

5. What is the lag phase

  • When there is no reproduction. The bacteria are copying DNA and proteins within their single cells
  • When something lags
  • When there is lots of reproductions taking place


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