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2. What is the purpose of Chloroplasts?

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  • They contain chlorophyll (and so are green!). Chlorophyll absorbs light energy to make food by photosynthesis.
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3. Are human cells the same as other animal cells?

  • Most human cells are like most other animal cells and contain a nucleus, cytoplasm, membrane, mitochondria and ribosomes.
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4. What are bacterial cells like?

  • They are single celled organisms that are much smaller than animal and plant cells. DConsists of cytoplasm and a membrane surrounded by a cell wall. The genes are not in a distinct nucleus.
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5. Explain the structure and function of the cytoplasm

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  • chemical reactions used to take life
  • its in your gene, gives u a life
  • Structures in the cytoplasm where oxygen is used and most of the energy is released during respiration
  • A liquid gel in which most of the chemical reactions needed for life take place.
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