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2. What is the purpose of Chloroplasts?

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  • They contain chlorophyll (and so are green!). Chlorophyll absorbs light energy to make food by photosynthesis.
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3. Are human cells the same as other animal cells?

  • Most human cells are like most other animal cells and contain a nucleus, cytoplasm, membrane, mitochondria and ribosomes.
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4. Give 5 reasons to be in favour of using embryonic stem cells.

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  • 5) Emryonic stem cells could be used to grow new tissues and organs for transplants.
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  • ) They give one of the best chances of finding treatments for different and often serious conditions.
  • 3) Embryos are being created from adult cells in use in research - they would never be babies
  • The embyos used are generally spare ones from infertility treatment and would be destroyed anyway.
  • ) It may be possible to use embryonic stem cells from the umbillical cords of newborn babies.

5. Explain the function of the cell membrane.

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  • Controls the passage of substances into and out of the cell.
  • controls the amount of air
  • its a gene
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  • the cell membrane eat your fat


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