B1- You and your genes

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1. What are vaccinations and how can they be life saving?

  • A newly invented pain killer
  • A vaccination is a small sample of a virus which is given to you, The white blood cells will become prone to it therefore if they were to come in contact with that particular virus they would immediately be able produce antibodies against it
  • A small sample of medicine which stops you feeling ill
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2. What does the vein do?

  • Carries the blood away from the heart
  • Carries blood towards the heart
  • Circulates blood around the body

3. What does the artery do?

  • Carries blood away from the heart
  • Allows blood to take short cuts around the body
  • Carries blood towards the heart

4. What are the parts in the circulatory system?

  • Heart, Artery, Veins
  • Artery, Capillaries, blood
  • Veins, heart, capillaries

5. Why are toxins bad?

  • It is a waste product produced by pathogens which make you feel ill
  • They make you too emotional
  • They engulf and digest white blood cells


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