B1 The Nervous System

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1. How does the elctrical impulse travel acrosse the synapse?

  • A transmitter substance is realeased across the synapse and it travels by diffusion
  • an Impulse is sent down the motor neurone
  • It binds with receptor molecules
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2. The Nervous System allows an orgaism to sense their surroundings

  • False
  • True

3. Name the two parts of the nervous system

  • Central Nervous System and Peripheral Nervous System
  • The Reflex System and The Voluntary System
  • The Neurone System and The Synapse System

4. Which adaption of a motor neurone makes connections within the body

  • The elongated shape
  • The insulating Sheath
  • The branched endings
  • The synapse

5. Monocular vision allows a wider field of view?

  • True
  • False


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