B1- Antibiotics


Antibiotic resistance

Stages of testing a new drug


Types of drug trials

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1. What is a placebo?

  • medicine which lacks the drug being tested
  • medicine which contains the drug being tested
  • A harmless drug
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2. 3rd stage of testing a new drug?

  • computer models
  • Tissue culture
  • Animal testing
  • human testing

3. What causes antibiotic resistance?

  • A course of drugs not being finished
  • bacteria multiplying
  • A finished course of drugs

4. 2nd stage of testing a new drug?

  • human testing
  • computer model
  • Tissue culture
  • Animal testing

5. What do antivirals stop being made?

  • Chemicals
  • Viruses
  • diseases
  • Toxins


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