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1. What is meant if something is recessive?

  • Two alleles are needed in order for the characteristic to be expressed and you can be a carrier of the disease
  • Only on allele is needed for the characteristic to be expressed and you can't be a carrier of the disease
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2. Define Geneotype

  • type of gene there
  • the physical characteristics expressed

3. What are the main symptoms of cystic fibrosis?

  • cold and flu symptoms
  • Too much mucous in lungs, breathlessness, can't digests food effectively.
  • forgetfulness, muscle twitching
  • vomiting

4. what is meant by the term Homozygous?

  • two copies of the alleles are needed to be expressed
  • both alleles are the same
  • the alleles are different
  • the collective name of the expressed alleles

5. how are natural clones formed (simple)?

  • when asexual reproduction occurs
  • same way as an artificial clone
  • by taking the nucleus and cytoplasm from different cells which grows into a clone


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