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2. What are the symptoms of Huntington's Disease?

  • Breathing difficulty, Chest Infections, Painful Coughing, Difficulty digesting food
  • Tremors, Memory Loss, Clumsiness, Mood changes, Poor concentration
  • Memory Loss, Chest infections, Poor concentration, Breathing difficulty

3. What is 'homozygous'?

  • Two alleles the same
  • Two different alleles

4. What causes the development of testes?

  • A gene called androgens is in the embryo whihc causes the development of testes
  • The gene SRY causes androgens to be made which causes the development of testes
  • No proteins are produced so testes are developed

5. What can embryonic stem cells be used for?

  • replacing faulty heart muscle cells, insulin producing cells for diabetes and nerve cells fro paralysed people
  • to treat blood diseases, maintaining and repairing old, damaged tissues, leukaemia


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