B1 Fighting Disease

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what is a pathogen
microorganisms that enter the body and cause diseases
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what are the main 2 types of pathogen
bacteria & viruses
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what size is bacteria compared to a body cell
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why do bacteria make you feel ill
damage your cells, produce toxins
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viruses are not ....
viruses are not cells
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what size is a virus compared to bacterium
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how do viruses reproduce
invade your cells an use the cells' machinery to produce copies of themselves. the cells usually then burst releasing all the new viruses
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why does a virus make you feel ill
cell damage
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how does the respiratory tract protect
skin hairs and mucus stop them getting in
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how does the surface protect
platelets help blood clot quickly to seal wounds
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how do white blood cells work
engulf foreign cells and digest them, produces antibodies to lock into the antigens of the invading cells, produce antitoxins which counteracts toxins produced by invading bacteria
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what do vaccinations consist of
dead or inactive pathogens
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how does an injection work
white blood cells produce antibodies to fit the antigens, if the same live pathogens enter the body after that the white blood cells can rapidly mass produce antibodies
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what s MMR
measles mumps and rubella
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2 pros of vaccines
helps control lots of infectious diseases that were once common, epidemics can be prevented
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6 diseases that have been controlled by vaccines
polio, measles, whooping cough, rubella, mumps, tetanus
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2 cons of vaccines
dont always give you immunity, sometimes have a bad reaction from them
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what do painkiller and cold remedies do
reduce the symptoms but do not tackle the underlying cause of the disease
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what do antibiotics do
kill or prevent growth of bacteria without killing your own body cells
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why dont antibiotics work for viruses
viruses reproduce using your own body cells
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how can bacteria become resistant to antibiotics
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how do you reduce diversity in bacteria
doctors avoid over-prescribing antiobiotics
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how are antibiotic strains becoming more common
they cant easily be gotten rid of so are easily passed on to others
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what are the main 2 types of pathogen


bacteria & viruses

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what size is bacteria compared to a body cell


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why do bacteria make you feel ill


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viruses are not ....


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