B1 Diet

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what do carbohydrates do
release energy
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what do fats do
keep you warm and release energy
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what does protein do
needed for growth, cell repair and cell replacement
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what does fibre do
keeps everything moving smoothly through your digestive system
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what do vitamins and mineral ions do
keep skin bones and blood healthy
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what is a metabolism
the chemical reactions that take place in the body
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what is a metabolic rate
the speed at which the chemical reactions take place
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how do you increase your metabolic rate
regular exercise
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what is malnourishment
when your diet is badly out of balance
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what does eating too much lead to
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what is obesity
20%+ over maximum recommended body mass
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3 common causes of obesity
bad diet, overeating, lack of exercise
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5 problems with being obese
arthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease & risk of cancer
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what does eating too much saturated fat lead to
high cholestrol
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what does too much salt lead to
high blood pressure
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where does obesity usually occur
developed countries
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4 problems with malnourishment
slow growth, fatigue, poor resistance to infection, irregular periods in women
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what are deficiency diseases caused by
lack of vitamins or minerals
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what is scurvy caused by
lack of vitamin C
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how can people be fit but not healthy
be physically fit and slim but malnourished due to an unbalanced diet
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what inherited factor affects metabolic rate
underactive thyroid gland which lowers metabolic rate
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what is the problem with inheriting a high blood cholestrol
increases the risk of heart disease
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what are 4 things to remember when assessing dietary claims
is the report a scientific study, was it written by a qualified person, was the sample tested large enough to give reliable results, have there been other studies which found similar results
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what are the two things that help to lose weight
eat less fat or carbohydrate and do more exercise
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what do fats do


keep you warm and release energy

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what does protein do


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what does fibre do


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what do vitamins and mineral ions do


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