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1. Which of these is an advantage of clones?

  • Successful characteristics are seen in offspring
  • Offspring can adapt to change quickly
  • Offspring will always act like their parents
  • It always stops a species from going extinct
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2. What theory did Darwin come up with?

  • The theory of genetic mutation
  • The theory of natural selection
  • The theory of continental drift
  • The theory of reproduction

3. How is nitrogen split in the air?

  • By reactions in thunderstorms
  • It isn't, it's too unreactive
  • By reacting with oxygen
  • By reacting with water vapour

4. How do we remove waste products from our cells?

  • The liver
  • In our blood
  • Excrement
  • Through water

5. What does homozygous mean?

  • All of your alleles are the same
  • The two alleles are different
  • The two alleles are the same
  • There are two alleles


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