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What do Nucleus' contain?
Genetic material.
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how many pairs of chromosones are there?
23 pairs.
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Why are Chromosones always in pairs?
1 from each parent.
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A gene is a short length of a what?
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Genes control the development of different what?
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Different versions of the same genes are called what?
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Each gene is a ..........for making a certain...............
Code, Protein.
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Having different versions of proteins means that we end up with different what?
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What are structural proteins part of?
Skin, hair, blood, and the cytoplasm in our cells.
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What is collagen?
A structural protein that is found in tendons, bones and cartilage.
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What is a phenotype?
The Characteristics that an organism displays.
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Give an example of characteristics that are controlled only by genes?
Dimples, Eye colour.
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Give an example of a characteristic controlled by environmental factors.
Scars, Tattoos.
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Name a Characteristic that can be controlled by genes and environmental.
Weight, hair colour.
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What are Alleles?
Different versions of the same gene.
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Why 2 chromosones in a pair never identical?
They have different Alleles.
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True or False, each of the 23 chromosone pairs seperate independently?
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Define Homozygous.
Two alleles the same.
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Define Heterozygous.
Two different alleles.
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What is a punnett square?
A genetic square.
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How are Genetic disorders caused?And name 1.
Faulty Allele. Cystic Fibrosis, Huntington's disease.
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Give symptons for Cystic Fibrosis.
Thick sticky mucus in the air passages, gut and pancreas, breathing difficulty, chest infections, difficulty in digesting food.
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Name causes for Huntington's disease.
Tremors, clumsiness, memory loss, mood changes, and poor concentration.
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What is Pre- implantation genetic diagnosis?
When Embryos are produced using IVF doctors can test the embryos to check if they've got certain genetic disorders. When embryos are tested the doctors then choose a healthy one, without any disorders.
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Name issues with genetic testings.
Not always 100% accurate, not 100% safe for pregnant women, makes women want to terminate their pregnancy's.
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Are identical twins clones to each other, true or false. And give reasons.
True, genetically they are clones. False, because if you were better nourished- in a different environment to your clone you would be taller, with the same genetics.
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Are embryonic stem cells specialised or unspecialised stem cells, and where are they found?
These are unspecialised stem cells and are found in early embryos.
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Why are embryonic stem cells exciting to doctors and medical researchers?
The cells have the potential to become any kind of cell.
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Are Adult stem cells specialised or unspecialised?
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Where can Adult stem cells be found?
It's found in adult animals.
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What do Adult stem cells do?
Maintain and Repair old and damaged tissues.
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Can Adult stem cells turn into different cells?
yes but not all types of cells.
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What illnesses can stem cells treat?
Blood diseases(sickle cell anaemia)can be treated by bone marrow transplants. Embryonic stem cells could be used to replace faulty cells in sick people.
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Name the 2 types as sex cells.
X and Y.
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What sex chromosones do males have?
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how many pairs of chromosones are there?


23 pairs.

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Why are Chromosones always in pairs?


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A gene is a short length of a what?


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Genes control the development of different what?


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