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2. what is type two diabetes?

  • hen the body is alergic to insluin
  • where the body produces little or no insulin
  • when the body becomes resistant to insulin
  • when you eat too much fatty food

3. are shoots negatively or poitively phototrophic?

  • positively
  • neither
  • negatively
  • both

4. what is a protozoa?

  • an infection caused by fungi
  • a single celled organism
  • an organism with one or more cells
  • a type of malaria disease

5. what is benign cancer?

  • when the tumor dies off
  • where the tumour grows and can spread to other areas
  • where the tumour grows until there is no room left
  • when the cells die off



have you even read an aqa biology book, some of that is physics and some isnt even aqa


pretty sure that insulin lowers blood sugars and doesnt control it, as if you have to much then it doesnt put your sugars up you just pass out

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