B ; wspu ; liberals failure '09-'13 ; women's suffrage bill '09

thanks to whose efforts did '06 liberal gov contain maj womens suffrage sipporters?
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NUWSS hopeful gov would pass legislation to extend franchise despite?
no mention of women in manifesto
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in '09 what kind of bill did liberal MP howard introduce?
private member's bill
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for whoe suffrage?
both male and female
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based on what qualification?
3m residential
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was this a gov move?
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how many votes did it carry on its second reading?
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but failed to proceed after extensive debate did what?
wasted time allocated to its passing
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why did christable and fawcett not like the bill?
believed full adult suffrage was unpractical + gov was trying to introduce so radical a measure it'd never pass
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what was the most serious of the two key obstacles to franchise refomr in '09?
deadlock between cons + libs over womens vote
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most MPs supported reform but differed over?
form it should take
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what did many conservatives want?
women to have equal suffrage rights to men according to existing franchise
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why did liberals reject this?
feared would lead to cons maj
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instead many liberals favoured?
extending suffrage criteria for women + wc men to have vote
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why did conservatives refuse to agree to this?
feared it'd add to votes for lib/lab
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other big obstacle '09-'13 was whose personal opinion?
PM asquith
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he couldn't comprehend why women would want vote + thought militant protesters were unnatural
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asquith held which gladstonian view on reform?
too little too soon would fundamentally damage political stability
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what did his wife and daughter margaret and violet think?
they were adamantly opposed + disliked WSPU actiosn
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reinforced which of asquith's views?
only extreme women wanted the vote
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what did he hope would happen with the female suffrage problem?
it'd just go away
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what was he more focused on?
****** ireland / social reform / industrial unrest / HoL crises
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asquith frequent target of militant violence and was attacked here?
golf course in scotland
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by sufragettes desperate to?
rip his clothes off
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only to be saved by?
his daughter violet's intervention
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then in '13 he was assaulted by women with?
dog whips
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what happened in public + social events?
respectable women heckled him
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how did this disrespect leave him?
offended + confused
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rather than change his mind these displays of militancy/
strengthened his resolve
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NUWSS hopeful gov would pass legislation to extend franchise despite?


no mention of women in manifesto

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in '09 what kind of bill did liberal MP howard introduce?


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for whoe suffrage?


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based on what qualification?


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