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lack workers support wasn't problem for workers but?
effective gov response to crisis
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baldwin wanted what?
peaceful resolution
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but hard-line conservatives and hostile conservative press wanted?
avenge red friday and push baldwin to action
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what was churchill's paper called?
british gazette
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what were the two priorities for gov on which counts they were well organisd for both?
mntn food supplies / essential services + preserving law and order
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orders went out on which day to begin mobilising volunteers?
3rd may
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and on 5th may orders sent to Boards of Guardians to do what?
refuse relief to strikers
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gov recruited around how many U/MC volunteers?
300k - 500k
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and how many needed?
v little
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in london how many volunteers recruited by 11th may?
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and how many given work?
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gov massive reserve of labour were used to do what?
man power stations / docks / be special constables / transport workers
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london underground by how many cambridge undergrads?
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this supportensured which two things?
good food distribution / transport maintenance
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docks particularly essential for supplie at dover how many cambridge students worked at the docks?
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how many students worked the south east railway?
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these acts heightened what tensions and why?
class tensions bc work of the M/UCs undermining WC strike tantamount to class war
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gov prevented widespread use of armed forces how?
formed civil constablulary reserve from former soldiers / members territorial army
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efforts effective bc meant as strikes grew, gov grew increasingly confident it could do hwT?
break union resolve
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in towns local auths kept food and coal suppplies flowing particualrly in liverpool responsible for what % imports?
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in plymouth 2 battleships brought food unloaded by how many volunteers?
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where was one area gov org did fail to resolve?
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on 5th may what % freight could be moved?
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rising only to what % by 12th may?
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luckily tho what % passenger services running by 12th may?
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law and order mntnd but several disturbances where?
plymouth / london
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and some voilence around?
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in total how many arrests made during strike?
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most iconic act of violence was what in newcastle on 10th may?
derailing famous steam train the flying scotsman
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churchill was editor of what paper?
british gazette
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sought to inform gov what?
gov in strong position and strike distruption minimal
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rasied fears strike represented what?
revolutionary threat to state
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BBC claimed to be impartial but refused to do what?
publish content damaging to gov
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probz bc bbc depended on gov for?
license and income
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BBC avoided controversy and supporting strikers in part why?
churchills demands gov seize ctrl of newsorgan
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wanted bbc to be used for gov advantage but by avoiding striker sympathy wha happened?
BBC avoided being taken over by gov
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what was TUC propaganda like?
bare strained
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gov curtailed print of TUC pro-strike paper called?
british worker
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churchill ordered requisitioning of their newspring forcing it to reduce its publication from 8 to?
4 page
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how did churchill justify this?
harder to feed a country than to wreck it
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believed waht about propaganda?
gov had a right to it unlike TUC
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limited use of armed forces demonstrated what about baldwin's gov?
never rlly took srsly threat rev / civil war
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though since what event in '20 gov had been fearing strike action may lead to political move against state?
formation of Communist Party
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cons press tried to encourage fears of revolution how?
emphasised socialist sentiments of movement
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but what two things showed baldwin dinny believe revolution brewing?
imited violence and use of army
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when army used it was to do what?
demonstrate strength / protect food suppleis
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lack workers support wasn't problem for workers but?


effective gov response to crisis

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baldwin wanted what?


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but hard-line conservatives and hostile conservative press wanted?


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what was churchill's paper called?


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