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strike ran from 3rd may til?
12th may
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how many workers came together in support of already locked out 1M miners?
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when did TUC begin making arrangements for industrial action?
27th may
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TGWU's gensec bevin believed strike to be success in terms of?
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failure of general strike cannot be attributed to lack of what?
worker solidarity
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they called out how many workers within a day with litte preparations?
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most owrkers from where?
transport / power stations / printing / building / chemical industries / joining
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on final day of strike these were joined by which two groups?
shipbuilders / engineers
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much credit belongs to bevin and which group that directed this unrest?
Powers and Orders Committee
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secured how many agreements from powerstations to cut electricity in London?
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local responses to calls for action often quite competent like in bradford?
bradford council o action well org and called out nearly 10,000 workers on strike
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strike found almost what % support there?
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how many workers in leeds united on strike?
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ad york?
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what % all locomotive drivers / firemen went on strike?
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in quiet towns like torquay who came out?
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what % GWR workers went on strike?
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yet despite this organisation extent was?
far from perfect
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whathappened with the power stations?
many stayed in operation
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while who only ever had symbolic ctrl over movement?
Strike Organising Committee
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many workers continued working who strikers called?
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on merseyside out of 91 1k tonne ships in port on 4th may how many had already left by 15th may?
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was strike as effective as leaders would've liked?
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but suppoert was?
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why did strike stop on 12th may?
TUC called off
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what did arthur james cook gensec of MFGB blame for this?
james thomas and TUC leaders
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cook probably correctly believed they never fully did what?
supported militancy
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by calling off strike what did general council appear to do?
betray workers it represented
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thomas even admitted what himself in HoC?
wanted to end strike before it got out of hand
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thomas and general council eager for wha?
protest not to extend past industrial dispute
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so why did general council grow increasingly keen to cut deal?
when churchill alleged revolution was unfolding
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@ same time what brought about pessimism among TUC leaders that victory was impossible?
black friday memz
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which of governments claims were persuasive?
that they had to protect nation from trade unions
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chance to withdraw came from who that offered tosettle the dispute?
herbert samuel chair of the coal commission
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TUC believed samuel would offer for?
face-saving solution
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what did he propose?
coal ind. reorganised and miners' wages cut for one year
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what woudl be est to make sure wages fair?
National Wage Board
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who rejected this?
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TUC then suggested what?
wage redyctuib after reorganisation of industry
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but who refused to consider this?
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what was this proposal known as?
'Samuel Memorandum'
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when was it rejected?
11th may
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when did general council meet with baldwin to announce the end of the strike?
12th may
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bevin tried to get what agreement made?
that baldwin wouldn't victimise any strikers
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did he get it?
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who sent out orders to end strike?
pugh and citrine
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workers supported strike and gov org effective response but what was TUC stance?
general council never believed wages could be protected
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desperately hoped what would be enforced?
Samuel Memorandum
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but who were being dicks about it?
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also doubt who ekse would b able to support suggestions?
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proposals would have involved gov committing to doing what?
help sustain wages
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and after what event could he not afford any compromise?
red friday
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strike ran from 3rd may til?


12th may

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how many workers came together in support of already locked out 1M miners?


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when did TUC begin making arrangements for industrial action?


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TGWU's gensec bevin believed strike to be success in terms of?


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