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w/ '18 peace came determination among gov / employers to do what?
roll back wartime economy regulations
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employers wanted to return back to what system?
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while gov desperate to avoid industrial unrest and do what?
return nationalised industries to private ownership
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however this retun did what for trade unionists?
brought about hostility
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initial post war boom that ended by which year?
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in '19 why had british industry benefitted?
peacetime industrial goods demand high + franco-german indistrial regions ****** rekt
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however what increased pay and reduced hours british workers gained in war meant what?
not long before industry found to be uncompetitive
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what meant boom shortlived?
high production costs
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to improve competitiveness business owners looked to do what?
reduce pay and increase hours
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why did war break traditional history of trade unionism?
high labour demand meant gov had to wokr with working pop like never before
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when did gov seize south wales coalfield?
dec '16
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in response to?
declining coal production
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gov did this to increase efficiency and eliminate?
employers profits and disputes
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what act extended this measure to nationalise coal production to the entire coutry?
Defence of the Realm Act
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march '17
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with state control came national regulation of?
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how were national wages provided for miners?
coal profits poled and divided
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in september '17 gov increased wages by how much a day?
1shilling 6p
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and then when raised again by same amount?
july '18
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by '19 apparent to gov / employerswhat was gone?
14 industrial system
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traditionally what had gov acted as in industrial disputes?
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but because of nationalisation it was now?
chief negotiator in disputes
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until what yr did gov mtn ctrl of railways / coal mines?
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what were pre-war railways like?
inefficient running an excess of rolling stock + diff companies mntn duplicate track
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w/ wartime nationalisation there was efficiency like?
state planning rationalising rolling stock / track
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efficiencies confinved trade unionists like thomas that nationalisations should continue + promised what?
radical new organisation of society where labour not inseperable from capitalist profits
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@ start '19 what did triple alliance represent?
force in politics and significant challenge to government
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in march '19 thomas negotiated with gov to ensure what?
railway wages woudln't be severely reduced
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managed t win railway workers prolongation of what to peacetime?
wartime bonuses
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what did thomas do when gov refused make permanent settlement on continuation peacetime bonuses?
org strike
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sep '19
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gv panicked @ idea triple alliance strike and deployed troops where?
paddington and woking railway station
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however who didn't support '19 strike?
miners / transport worjers
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miners were waiting for what?
gov commision to report on industry future
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miners had already won a pay rise of how much in '19?
2shillings (20% wage)
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and saw hours cut from 8 to?
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lloyd george realised wages would have to be reduced why?
to make british coal competitive in foreign markets
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but wanted to avoid?
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set up royal commission to determine what?
if coal should remain nationalised
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formed in?
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and named?
the sankey commission
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what did lloyd george's gov do in march '21?
return coal to private ownership
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what had the sankey commission recommended?
mines remain nationalised
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why did the gov do it then?
didn't want expense / trouble of running coal industry but rather wished to act as arbitrator
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within one day of returning ownership owners did what to incresae competitiveness?
cut wages
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in '21 pay for coal miners fell what %?
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but what increased?
cost of living
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coal miners striked and hoped for what to make effective?
transport / railway support
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employers wanted to return back to what system?



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while gov desperate to avoid industrial unrest and do what?


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however this retun did what for trade unionists?


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initial post war boom that ended by which year?


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