B ; reform ; pressures ; pressures + resistance reasons

- impact of french rev
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when did pitt present his modest proposal/
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to buy out how many small boroughs?
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and transfer seats to?
london + counties
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when did french rev outbreak?
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various reform movements but divided on?
aims / methods
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SCI championed?
full universal suffrage
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and fd?
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major cartwright
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LCS fd?
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and promoted rights of?
skilled working class
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gaining support?
norhtern towns
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numebr of leading whigs formed what?
friends of the people
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hoping to control pace of change how?
promoting modest amdmts to electoral system
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stated objective wasto?
obtain 'more euqal representation of the ppl in wminster'
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support for reform in '93 came at a bad time why?
king hyst been executed and britain was now @ war with france
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so gov more concerned with what than domestic reform?
succ prosecution of war
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what happened to FoP?
disbanded bc notions heavily defeated
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habeas corpus suspended when?
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and seditious meetings act?
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led to significant decline in infuence and activities of?
reform groups
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what happened to leading mmbs of LCS?
charged with sedition
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and society outlawed under what act?
Corresponding Societies Act
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- post-war unrest 1815-30
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one of the factors leading to toxic mixture of grievances was growing?
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and impact of?
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matters made worse in 1815 bc of what law?
corn law
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law aimed at protecting whose economic interest?
landed class
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through imposition of a duty on?
imported corn
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working ppl feared what as a result?
bread price rise
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while manufacturers feared?
workers would ask for higher wages to protekh selves / fmailies
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widespread opp to corn laws inc by what?
'16 bad harvest
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spa fields in london when?
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how many dead @ peterloo?
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in long term these events led to what?
revival pm reform interest
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by '20 gov had neutralised most radical activity in part due to revival in>
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and decline in?
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like cobbett said?
'i defy you to agitate any fellow with a full stomach'
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another reason for post-peterloo calm was expert leadership of what PM?
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this tranquility shattered after liverpool's death in?
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when who became PM in '28?
duke of wellington
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after brief?
canning / goderich
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over next few years what would happen to tories?
long standing unity shattered
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end of their dominance came about through?
internal divisions about religion
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rather than?
strong opposition
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many tory backbenchers strong supporters of?
anglican churhc
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and opposed to measures that might?
weaken its supremacy over erryday lyf
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in '28 who challenged the anglican church?
whig leader john russel
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with what proposal
repeal oftest and corporation acts
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which prevented what?
protestant dissenters from holding gov offices
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by '20s what had acts beocome?
largely symbolic
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at first what did wellington do?
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but then did what despite backbencher opp?
gave reluctant support
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what was the 1829 further measure of religious reform?
catholic relief act
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o'connell defeated fitzgerald in ireland easily but why couldn't he take his seat?
wouldn't swear allegiance to the crown
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wellington long-standing opponent to catholic relief but recognised what?
denying o'connell seat would lead to unrest
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wellington therefore supported catholic relief act that did what?
repealed anti-catholic legislation
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who was o'connel?
leader of irish catholic association
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electoral power of irish catholics limited by further act that did what?
raised irish franchise qual
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from 40 shllings to?
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after further by-election o'connell took his HoC seat when?
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who now began to give support to reform?
some more extreme tories (ultras)
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bc they believed what about MPs in a reformed parliament?
have to take accoubt if any widespread anti-catholic feeling in ctry
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when did pitt present his modest proposal/



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to buy out how many small boroughs?


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and transfer seats to?


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when did french rev outbreak?


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