B ; chartism ; far ach aims '50 ; imp. national convention '39

what did chartists start to organise meetings to do post-aug38?
elect delegates to Chartist Convention
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which was to meet when and where?
ldn feb 1839
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who were meetings attended by?
thousands me, women and children
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a testament to what about chartists?
org skills + national support
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one of the largest meetings was held at kersal moor outside MCR when?
september 1838
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what did o'connor exaggeratedly state the meeting was in sie?
1m ppl
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but rlly more like?
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what kind of movement was chartism supposedly esp in north?
purely economic
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but around whole country seems more like?
social and political
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for lovett and LWMA the charter was what kind of document?
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and a reaction to which two bad things?
reform act + whig repression
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what were BPU midlands supporters motivated by?
economic reasons mainly > political
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what were they more concerned with than universal suffrage?
wage levels
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so from the outset what differed between chartist supporters?
aims and ideas about the movement
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when were divisions shown into sharp relief?
when the National Convention met
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what trades were most of the delegates?
shopkeepers / tradesmen
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so was not?
group wc men as some may have thought
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what did delegates agree parlia was unlikely to do?
accept national petition
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but what divided delegates?
what sort of action to take if rejected
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several delegates supported peaceful protests such as?
exclusive dealing
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what was exclusive dealing?
boycotting shops where owners opposed chartism
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what was the suggestion of the 'sacred month' which split the convention?
national strike as well as abstainance from taxable items e.g baccy / alko
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what was the aim there to do?
distrupt economy so gov forced to negotiate
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but convention didn't take into account what about most working class>
wouldn;t be able to survive w/o months work
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what did the 'sacred month' suggestion carry possibility of?
violence and force
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what was the big beefy tearing down battle lines debate at the Convention all about?
moral versus physical force oooh yay
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who supported moral force?
lovett and LWMA
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and who supported physical?
o'connor and GNU
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who pressed for what kind of mesures?
'ulterior measures'
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what could it be suggested o'connor was really doing with his threats of violence?
just trying to stir up crowd and get gov to listen
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bc what did he never do in his chartist career>
plan or carry out a violent act or meeting
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when was convention held in Birmingham?
may '39
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what did many middle-class delegates do?
resign in protest to o'connor and cos speeches hinting at violence
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where did chartists hold 'july '39 meeting?
birmingham bull ring
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challenging what from local magistrates?
ban on meetings like the one they were literally holding
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what previous event made government hesitant to use local troops?
peterloo massacre
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instead did what with london police force?
sent group up on new railway
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what happened to meeting when they arrived?
dispersed after a lil 2do w/ popo
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who prompted convention to denounce police action?
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so what happened to him?
arrested and imprisoned (nice1 m8)
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which was to meet when and where?


ldn feb 1839

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who were meetings attended by?


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a testament to what about chartists?


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one of the largest meetings was held at kersal moor outside MCR when?


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