Axline's study of Dibs

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1. What did Dibs nickname the three dolls he could play with?

  • He didn't nickname them
  • After his dad, Axline and his teacher at school
  • Mother, father and sister
  • Papa, Jane and Sophie
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2. What did Dibs' mother begin to do throughout the study?

  • Started to teach Dibs how to read as she feared he was not able
  • Started to go on outings with Dibs
  • Decided to home school Dibs
  • Cuddled with Dibs more

3. Where were Dibs' problems existing?

  • In his unconcious
  • In his preconcious
  • In his concious

4. What was Axline's profession?

  • A child psychologist
  • A cognitive psychologist
  • A clinical psychologist
  • A therapist

5. Did Dibs' father demonstrate love towards his son?

  • Some
  • No
  • Yes


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