Axline's study of Dibs

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1. What did Dibs' mother begin to do throughout the study?

  • Started to teach Dibs how to read as she feared he was not able
  • Started to go on outings with Dibs
  • Decided to home school Dibs
  • Cuddled with Dibs more
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2. What did the study show of Dibs' intelligence?

  • That he had a below average IQ level
  • That he was actually very intelligent and had an extreemely high IQ
  • That he had dislexia
  • That he had a high IQ but simply couldn't apply himself

3. What did Axline do with Dibs after observing him?

  • Met with his parents
  • Gained permission from his mother to conduct weekly play therapy sessions with him
  • Talked with Dibs
  • Asked his mother to spend time at their home observing their interactions

4. How long did it take for Axline to discover Dibs' level of intelligence?

  • The duration of the study
  • In the middle of the study
  • A few play therapy sessions
  • On her first observation of Dibs

5. What term can be applied to Dibs?

  • Catharsis
  • Oppression
  • Suppression


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