Axline's study of Dibs

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1. What happened to Dibs' parents throughout the study?

  • They began to recognise that they had a role to play in this and so took a more active role
  • They grew tired and angry about Dibs' lack of progress
  • They decided to put him up for adoption
  • They grew gradually more interested in their sons progress
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2. What type of data did this study collect?

  • Qualitative
  • Quantitative

3. How did Axline get Dibs to speak?

  • She didn't, she waited for him to speak
  • She interrogated him
  • She asked him questions related to the play therapy
  • She got his parents to sit in the room with them and ask him questions

4. Was there any mention of the oedipus complex in this study?

  • Maybe
  • Axline didn't suggest this was the case but Hans was around 5 at the time so this could have been the case
  • No
  • Yes

5. Did Dibs have any siblings?

  • Yes- a younger sister
  • Yes- a younger brother
  • No none
  • Yes he had two older siblings


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