Axline's study of Dibs

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1. What did Axline do 5 minutes before the end of the play therapy session with Dibs?

  • Left Dibs in the room by himself to talk with his parents
  • Nothing
  • Told him that soon he would have to leave her to prepare him
  • Say goodbye to Dibs and get him to gather his stuff
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2. Why were the teachers concerned about Dibs?

  • He played by himself and attacked other children that tried to play with him, even attacking teachers that tried to take him home
  • He used to cry often to the teachers about his home life and especially his father
  • He would not speak
  • He refused to do any school work

3. What did Dibs' parents think the problems with Dibs were caused by?

  • An inability to connect with others
  • Biological issues such as retardation
  • Emotional stress
  • Dislexia

4. What would happen when Axline told Dibs that the play therapy session was over?

  • He would throw a tantrum and hide under her desk
  • He would scream
  • He was happy to leave and showed excitement at seeing his mother
  • He would cling onto Axline

5. What did Dibs nickname the three dolls he could play with?

  • He didn't nickname them
  • Mother, father and sister
  • Papa, Jane and Sophie
  • After his dad, Axline and his teacher at school


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