Axline's study of Dibs

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1. Was there any mention of the oedipus complex in this study?

  • Maybe
  • Axline didn't suggest this was the case but Hans was around 5 at the time so this could have been the case
  • No
  • Yes
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Other questions in this quiz

2. Did Dibs' parents have any trouble with his sibling?

  • No and she was sent away to school at an early age
  • Yes, similar to Dibs' problems
  • A few but not as many as Dibs

3. What did Dibs' parents think the problems with Dibs were caused by?

  • Dislexia
  • Emotional stress
  • Biological issues such as retardation
  • An inability to connect with others

4. How was data for this study collected?

  • By asking Dibs' parents questions
  • Through notes taken during his play therapy sessions
  • Through quizzing Dibs
  • By asking Dibs' teachers questions

5. What did Dibs' father see him as?

  • An annoyance
  • A tricky child
  • Costly
  • An angel


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