Average costs, variable costs, fixed costs, total costs

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1. Where aircraft are owned by the airline, this is the cost of what?

  • Any debt
  • Any loaned finance and also depreciation
  • Any loaned finance
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2. In air transport, a substantial fixed cost item is the annual sum that has to be paid to?

  • Lease aircraft
  • Lease airports
  • Lease passengers

3. What is short run?

  • Time period when the lowest level of output where long-run average cost (LRAC) is minimised.
  • Time period when a firm is unable to change factors of production except for one, usually labour.
  • Time period when all factor inputs can be changed

4. What are fixed costs?

  • Costs that are independent of output produced e.g. rent, interest paid on loans
  • Costs that vary directly with output produced e.g. labour, fuel, raw material costs
  • The total cost of production or provision of a service

5. What is average cost and the equation?

  • Average cost is the unit cost of production. Average cost = Total cost x quantity
  • Average cost is the unit cost of production. Average cost = Total cost/quantity
  • Average cost is the change in total cost that occurs when output is changed by one unit. Average cost = Quantity/total cost



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