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2. What does Treisman's attenuation theory not entail?

  • The meaning is extracted after the attenuation process
  • The filter distinguishes information on physical differences
  • One of the inputs is allowed through the filter based on its physical characteristics
  • The filter is an attenuator which reduces the impact of the unattended channel

3. Who suggested that the bottleneck occurs early in the system?

  • Cherry
  • Broadbent
  • Deutsch and Deutsch
  • Treisman

4. What does Deutsch and Deutsch's model not entail?

  • The late filter distinguishes information on physical differences
  • Irrelevant information is filtered out at the time of STM storage
  • Both channels are processed to the same degree
  • Meaning of the information is extracted before the filtering process takes place

5. Which statement about the shadowing task is incorrect?

  • It is known as dichotic listening
  • Participants are asked to focus on both ears
  • The sounds are played at the same time
  • Participants hear different sounds in both ears


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