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Halo effect
If one thing is good it's assumed everything else is too
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Attractive more likely to be
exonerated for most crimes, especially female
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Landy and Sigatt
Mark essays- higher marks for pretty girls
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Forgos et al
smiling= less harsh punishment for cheating
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Average and symmetrical
attractive across all culture and time- asymmetry could indicate bad heath
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Preferred body type changes
Hip to waist ratio remains constant
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Festinger et al
MIT housing- 44/22/10- proximity and propinquity
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Other factors
Familiarity, availability, expectation of interaction
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Impact of physical appeal, lack of inhibition, can end instantly
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Impression online often wrong
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Effect of reciprocity mediated by self esteem- like people if they like us especially if stranger or they're dicks to other people
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Aronson and Linder
influence of liking situational
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liking between students first based on proximity and then on similarity
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Cognitive dissonance
liking people similar to use to make sense as a person
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Watson et al
Iowa Marital Assessment Project- strong relationship for age/politics/ religion, moderate for education/ intelligence, weak for personality
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These similarities lead to marital quality
Luo and Klohen
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Self disclosure
disclose to people we trust/ like it when people disclose in us
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Dindia and Allen
Women disclose more than men
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disclose more than collectivists
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Wheeler and Kim
Koreans and North Americans- extroverted, happy, friendly universally attractive/ assertive, dominant, strong just attractive in America
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Consistency theory
avoid cognitive dissonance/ confirm world view
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Griffitt and Guay
P likes stranger more if rewarded instead of punished in their presence
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Vietch and Griffitt
stranger liked less in hot/ crowded environment
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Lott et al
kids like direct reward better than delayed reward
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Social Exchange theory
costs and rewards and comparison levels
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Equity theory
Equity norms/ social welfare norms/ egalitarian norms (people get equal amounts despite what they put in
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Procedural justice
pre-established rewards
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Woman/ men
women prefer egalitarian/ men prefer equity
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Admiral Byrd
only connection to outside world was an hour of radio everyday for 5 months- alone, relaxed, depressed, hallucinated
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Kulik et al
84 males coronary bypass patients- best to worst- post-op patient/ pre-op patient/ non-cardiac patient/ alone
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infants deprived of intimacy- higher mortality rate/ less socially and mentally advanced
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Milk mummy and comfy mummy
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children maintain proximity with mothers and restore proximity if disrupted
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Attachment types
Secure- easy to become close to others, positive and successful relationship/ Avoidant- avoid becoming close, jealous and resist disclosure/ Anxious- fall in love easily, highs and lows in relationship
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Kirkpatrick and Hazan
Secure relationship with trust can help people become secure
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Klohnen and Bera
31yr longitudinal study- attachment type continuity
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2 types of love
Passionate and romantic/ compassionate, comfortable
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Physiological reaction
not easily categorised- accompanied by cultural concept of love
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Klohnen and Mendelson
biased image of other person
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Murray and Holmes
positive romantic illusions- better than everyone else
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Romantic destiny
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3 factor model- passion, intimacy, commitment
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Schwartzer and Leppin
Meta-analysis- good for physical and mental health (for men more than women)
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Gupta and Singe
Success of arranged marriage
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Adams and Jones
Personal dedication/ moral commitment/ constraint commitment
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Berscheid and Reis
significance of personal commitment for relationship success
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Tucker et al
Parental divorce= adult divorce
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Landy and Sigatt


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Forgos et al


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