attitudes to equality

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1. Name 2 christians who fought against the apartheid

  • archbishop Desmond tutu and bishop Trevor Huddleston
  • Archbishop Desmond tute and Bishop trevor Huddleston
  • Archbishop Desmond tutu and Archbishop Trevor huddlestone
  • Bishop Desmond tutu and bishop Trevor Huddleston
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2. Dr martin Luther king was a baptist minister who dedicated his life to what?

  • spreading Gods word around the USA
  • trying to fight for the apartheid
  • trying to change the ways that blacks wrre treated in the USA
  • trying to change the ways blacks were treated in South Africa

3. the bible also does not allow sex discrimination as we are in ... what?

  • our Lord
  • Christ Jesus
  • Jesus Christ
  • God

4. There are plenty of verses from the bible to promote equality, such as "do not deprive the alien ... "

  • or the fatherless of justice
  • and loose the chains of injustice
  • and the father of justice
  • or the chains of injustice

5. Apartheid was racial segregation in south Africa, why did this happen?

  • The president thought that the whites were superior
  • the Dutch reformed church of south Africa believed God made whites superior
  • the dutch reformed church of south africa believed that equality wasn't right
  • The blacks thought that they were the superior ones


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