attitudes to equality

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1. Dr martin Luther king was a baptist minister who dedicated his life to what?

  • trying to fight for the apartheid
  • trying to change the ways blacks were treated in South Africa
  • trying to change the ways that blacks wrre treated in the USA
  • spreading Gods word around the USA
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2. sex discrimination is also in the bible as "it was the woman who" what?

  • "decieved and lost Gods faith"
  • "decieved the male and sinned"
  • "was decieved and became a sinner"
  • "brought humanity down"

3. the bible also does not allow sex discrimination as we are in ... what?

  • our Lord
  • God
  • Christ Jesus
  • Jesus Christ

4. why haven't women been allowed as preists?

  • Jesus only called men to be apostles
  • Women are not allowed in churches
  • Jesus forbid women from leading churches
  • Women were the ones who sinned in the garden of Eden

5. There are plenty of verses from the bible to promote equality, such as "do not deprive the alien ... "

  • or the chains of injustice
  • or the fatherless of justice
  • and the father of justice
  • and loose the chains of injustice


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