Attitudes to eating.

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1. Garg et al studied observed food choices of 38 participants as they watched either a happy or sad film with the option of eating buttered popcorn or grapes and found that...

  • Those who watched the sad film only ate healthy foods to increase their low mood.
  • Those who watched the sad film ate 36% more junk than those who watched the happy film.
  • There was no difference in what any of the participants ate.
  • Those who watched the happy film ate 36% more jump than those who watched the sad film.
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2. In the binge eating section, research suggests that binge eating is mostly caused by....

  • Happy mood caused by food.
  • Having excess food in the house.
  • Low mood and anxiety.
  • Boredom.

3. Ball and Kennerdy conducted a study about ethnicity in the cultural influences theory of attitudes to food. How many Australian 18-23 year olds did they study?

  • 50
  • 14000
  • 100
  • 7000

4. Parental modelling, Media effects, ethnicity, binge eating and comfort eating are 5 out of the 6 factors you should talk about in an 'Attitudes to food' essay. Which one is the 6th?

  • Social Class
  • Environment
  • Obesity
  • Eating Disorders

5. When looking at the social learning theory of attitudes towards eating, parental modelling is a big part of a childs eating behaviour. Which psychologists found a positive correlation between parents and childrens food attitudes.

  • Havan & Shaver
  • Brown & Ogden
  • Thiabult & Kelley
  • Wardle & Beales


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