Attachment - Explanations of Attachment part 1

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1. What is a strength of Bowlby's Theory?

  • Research evidence that supports the theory by Hazan and Shaver
  • Culturally biased
  • Research evidence that supports the theory by Harlow and Harlow
  • Research evidence that supports the theory by Elizabeth Loftus
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2. Who argued that forming an attachment bond is important for survival?

  • Mary Ainsworth
  • Bowlby
  • Harlow and Harlow
  • Schaffer and Emerson

3. What is a weakness of Bowlby's Theory?

  • Lacks population validity
  • Critical period too rigid a concept
  • Demand characteristics
  • Ethical issues

4. What is monotropy?

  • Infant not being able to form an attachment
  • A strong attachment
  • Infants attach to one primary caregiver
  • Infants attaching to multiple caregivers

5. What is the definition for attachment?

  • A strong and reciprocal emotional bond that develops between an infant and its caregiver
  • A bond between two people
  • Love
  • A bond an infant has for its caregiver


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