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What is the difference between privation and deprivation?
Privation is when an attachment bond is never formed, whereas deprivation is when an attachment is disrupted
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what are the three stages following deprivation?
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What is an attatchment?
A two-way enduring emotional tie to a specific other person
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What did Bowlby mean by monotropy?
The relationship between an infant and their primary attachment figure creates expectations about what all relationships will be like, leading to an internal working model, of what intimate loving relationships are like and will base future relations
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What was wrong with Schaffer and Emerson's sample?
Cultural Bias - Glaswegian participants only, small sample-not representative.
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What did the type A baby show?
Type A-• Willing to explore environment when mother is present • Show low separation anxiety (unconcerned when mother leaves) • Indifferent to stranger. Shows avoidant behaviour when mother returns
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What did Van Ijzendoorn and Kroonenberg do?
They carried out a meta analysis of 32 studies of attachment in 8 different cultures.
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What did Bowlby's evolutionary theory believe?
That attachment was important for survival. infants are physically helpless and require adults to feed and care for them.
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What is the name of the experiment conducted by Mary Ainsworth the strange situation
The Strange Situation
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What criticisms are there for the strange situation?
 Ecologically invalid – child may not behave the same as at home as in a lab  Children may have different attachment to fathers or other carers. Experiment only done on mothers
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Who studied the effects of Privation on Genie in 1977?
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What is affectionless psychopathy?
No guilt, conscience or ability to love
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Who discovered imprinting?
Konrad Lorenz
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Who carried out research to support the continuity hypothesis?
Hazan and Shaver
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What are the long term effects of maternal deprivation?
aggression, depression,intellectual retardation
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what are the three stages following deprivation?



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What is an attatchment?


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What did Bowlby mean by monotropy?


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What was wrong with Schaffer and Emerson's sample?


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