Atonment part one key quotes - chapter ten

She was entering an
arena of adult emotion - Briony
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It was essential, for
her to know everything - Briony
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There was an old
lady who swallowed a fly - intertextual reference
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She could never forgive
Robbie his disgusting mind - Briony
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Her hair was loose
and she was barefoot - Lola, sign of madness
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Her cousin's distress produced in her a state
of restlessness, an agitation that was close to joy - Briony about Lola
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Reflected that Jackson and Pierrot alone could
not be responsible for such grief - Briony reflecting
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That man's
a maniac - Lola about Robbie
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Maniacs can
attack anyone - forshadows
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She felt responsible for it, and for
everything that was about to happen - Briony, prolepsis
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Her immediate understanding was
that she had interrupted a fight - Briony about Lola and Paul Marshall
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It was essential, for


her to know everything - Briony

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There was an old


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She could never forgive


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Her hair was loose


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