Atoms/ periodic table

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1. What is a molecule

  • Pure substance made up of 2 or more atoms that are chemically joined
  • Contains 2 or more substances that are not chemically joined
  • A group of atoms that are chemically joined together the atoms are the same
  • Made up of only one type of atom
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2. What is an atom?

  • A plant
  • The basic particle from which all substances are built up
  • A group of particals that make up a substance
  • A animal

3. What are these parts of an atom called: Electron, Neutron and Proton?

  • Charged particles
  • Subatomic particles
  • Tronic particles
  • Atom particles

4. What is listed in the periodic Table?

  • Particles
  • Elements
  • Atoms

5. What charge and mass does a Electron have?

  • Negitive -1 mass 0
  • Positive +1 mass 1
  • Neutral 0 mass 1


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