Atomic Structure and The Periodic Table

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1. What did Mendeleev do with elements that hadn't been discovered?

  • Left gaps
  • Filled them in by predicting their properties
  • Nothing, he didn't think there would be any
  • Left a long gap along the top for them
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2. In isotopes, are there odd numbers of electrons, protons or neutrons?

  • Neutrons
  • Electrons
  • Protons

3. Where are non-metals located in the modern Periodic Table?

  • To the right
  • Only on the bottom
  • To the left
  • Only on the top

4. In the modern periodic table, how are elements arranged?

  • Decreasing atomic mass
  • Increasing atomic mass
  • Increasing atomic number
  • Decreasing atomic number

5. Where are the protons and neutrons found in an atom?

  • Surrounding the electrons
  • Nucleus
  • Energy shells
  • Alongside the electrons


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