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Spanish GCSE - Unit 1 - De vacaciones

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Could you please tell me?
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Dear Sir/Madam
Estimado/a Señor/a
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I would like to reserve...
Me gustaría/Quisiera reservar...
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a single room
una habitación individual
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a double room
una habitación doble
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for... nights
para... noches
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for... days
para... días
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with/without a balcony
con/sin balcón
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with sea views
con vistas al mar
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with a bath
con baño
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with a double bed
con cama de matrimonio
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For how many days?
¿Para cuántos días?
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For how many nights?
¿Para cuántos noches?
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I/we will arrive on...
Voy/vamos a llegar el...
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from the... to the...
del... hasta...
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a week/fortnight
una semana/quince días
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Is there room service?
¿Hay servicio de habitaciónes?
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Is there internet access?
¿Hay conexión a Internet?
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Until what time do you serve breakfast/lunch/dinner?
¿A qué hora se sirve el desayuno/la comida/la cena?
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What time does the reception/bar close?
¿A qué hora cierra la recepción/el bar?
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Until waht time is the restaurant open?
¿Hasta qué hora está abierto el restaurante?
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Are dogs allowed?
¿Se admiten perros?
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Card 2


Estimado/a Señor/a


Dear Sir/Madam

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Me gustaría/Quisiera reservar...


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una habitación individual


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una habitación doble


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