Astronomy - AQA Physics (Individual Science/Triple)

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1. What does a decrease in the ISS's speed mean (when at a constant height) ?

  • It will provide them with gravity
  • It will fly out into space
  • It will fall down to the Earth
  • It will be attracted to the Sun and move towards it
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2. Why are geostationary orbits useful?

  • It means the satellite is constantly over the same spot on earth
  • It means that temperatures across one orbit (e.g over the equator) can be monitored by one satellite orbita
  • It's close orbit means there is a better view of the Earth below
  • It means that its high speeds (since it's close to Earth) can be used to generate electricity

3. The Big Bang produced what?

  • Elements heavier than iron
  • The reversal of a black hole
  • Hydrogen and Helium
  • Supernovae

4. Red-shift involves what?

  • The Doppler Effect
  • Inflation
  • Scott's Butterfly effect
  • Autokinetic effect

5. When a satellite is in orbit, it has a constant speed but a changing direction. What does this mean?

  • Changing velocity
  • It's about to get shot out into space
  • Imminent crash-landing
  • Imminent Explosion


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