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2. When a satellite is in orbit, it has a constant speed but a changing direction. What does this mean?

  • Changing velocity
  • Imminent crash-landing
  • Imminent Explosion
  • It's about to get shot out into space

3. The main sequence of a star ends when?

  • There is insufficient heat for fusion
  • The star dimmens
  • The hydrogen for nuclear fusion runs out
  • The elements for nuclear fission run out

4. CMBR ( Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation) comes from every direction in space. Where is it from?

  • Supernovas - constantly happening in every direction in space
  • Every star in space emitting radiation
  • Radiation created at the beginning of the universe
  • Black Holes leaking radiation from another dimension

5. Red-shift shows what?

  • The universe is in fluctuating expansion and shrinkage
  • The universe is expanding
  • The universe is constant
  • The universe is slowly shrinking


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