AS unit 1 Business Studies Questionnaire

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1. Define a Paternalistic Leader

  • take top-down decisions without consulting employees to find out their views. they may provide very little information on the reasons for the decision
  • behave rather as a parent might in making family decisions. They consult at every level and explain their reasons, but take the final decision themselves.
  • guide rather than dictate, consulting widely and encouraging everyone to participate in the decision making process.
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2. Which one of these is a benefit of the break-even analysis?

  • this is a very easy way of showing how profit levels change with changes in output
  • analysis assumes that all output is sold
  • analysis does take into account economies of scale

3. Why do firms use break even analysis

  • to measure a loss over a period of time
  • to calculate in advance the level of output needed to break even
  • to measure profit

4. What is break even

  • when total revenue is equal to total costs
  • when total revenue is higher than total costs
  • when total costs are higher than total total revenue

5. Factors two things would cause a shift in supply

  • Changes in population & changes in population
  • Changes in costs of Production & changes in Government legislation Tax
  • Changes in Income & changes in FTP's


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