AS unit 1 Business Studies Questionnaire

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1. Define A theory X Manager?

  • assume their employees are lazy and prefer to be given firm direction with strict controls> Managers will adopt to a stick and carrot approach to make them work hard. This may involve targets with heavy penalties if they are not met.
  • assume that human beings want to work and will commit themselves to work effectively without strict controls. They will engage with the objectives of the organisation, accept responsibility and use their initiative to help solve problems
  • dislike employees and reduces their wages
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2. A cost that does change with output?

  • Fixed Cost
  • Overheads
  • Variable Costs
  • Total Costs

3. Which one of these is a non-price factor that would effect demand?

  • cost of substitutes
  • Marketing
  • Cost of good itself

4. What is a definition of leadership

  • being able to manage employees effectively
  • the process of influencing others to work willing towards an organisation's goals
  • being able to manage a team successfully to complete a task

5. Which one of these is an example of a fixed cost?

  • Raw materials
  • Rent
  • electricity




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