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What is Ascribed status?
A social position fixed at birth, a position that is very hard to change by one’s own efforts.
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What is Authority?
Possession of power which is seen as legitimate by whom it is wielded.
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What is a Beanpole family?
This refers to a modern family where people have fewer children, but at the same time are living longer, family trees are becoming longer and thinner, sometimes extending to 4 generations.
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Define birth rate.
The number of live births per 1,000 of the population per year.
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What is a cereal packet family?
The romantic image of the traditional two-parent family featured on the back of corn flake packets in the 1960’s.
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What is Child centeredness?
A family in which much activity and emotional energy is focused on the children, rather than adult desires.
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Define cohabitation.
A situation where a couple lives together as man and wife without being legally married.
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What are Conjugal roles?
The roles played between husband and wife within a marriage with particular reference to the domestic division of labour.
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What did the Civil partnership Act (2004) do?
Gave same sex couples rights and responsibilities identical to civil marriage.
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Dark side of the family - What does this term mean?
This term is used to challenge the romantic view of the family by perspectives such as the feminists and Radical Psychiatrists. They highlight the extent of conflict and violence in families.
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What is Death (mortality) rate?
The number of deaths per thousand of the population per year.
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What is Divorce?
The legal termination of a marriage.
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What is Divorce rate?
A statistical measure of the number of divorces, usually expressed as the number of divorces in any one year per 1,000 married couples in the population.
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What did the Divorce reform act (1984) do?
The amount of time before application for divorce can be made was reduced.
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Define Dual Burden.
It is when a woman has the responsibility of paid work and unpaid work.
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What is an Empty-Shell marriage?
A term given to marriage where love and romance have long gone and couples stay together either because divorces is not an option (e.g. religious reasons) or they simply cannot make the effort to separate.
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Define Expressive role.
This refers to The housewife providing the warmth, security and emotional nurturing support.
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What is a Extended family?
Where the nuclear family has been added to either vertically, or horizontally.
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Define family.
Two or more generations of people tied together through blood, marriage or adoption.
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What is Family diversity?
A term used to describe the differing forms of family organisation typical of modern Britain.
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What is Fertility rate?
The average number of children women will have between the ages of 15 and 44.
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What is the ‘Fit’ thesis theory?
Its a Evolutionary theory, suggesting that family changed from the extended to nuclear family to provide a functional fit to the new industrial society that benefited from smaller, more mobile families.
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Define gender.
Its a term used by sociologists to describe the cultural and social attributes of men and women, which are manifested in appropriate masculinity and femininity.
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What is Gender division of labour?
Where husbands and wives have different roles/tasks.
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Define household.
A group of people not necessarily related who share accommodation, or one person living alone.
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Define Hierarchy.
A central concept of stratification, signifying the ordering of social positions in a structure of superiority and inferiority.
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What are Joint conjugal roles?
Where Husbands and wives share roles, tasks and/or leisure.
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What is Infant mortality rate?
The number of deaths in a population of infants under one year of age per thousand births.
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What are Lone parent families?
Families consisting of a dependent child or children living with one parent, usually the mother.
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What is the March of progress theory?
Its a collective name for social theorist, usually functionalists, who see the family evolving and adapting in a progressive way to fit the changing needs of wider society.
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Define marriage.
a legal contract between two people of opposing sexes offering rights and obligations under law.
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What is marriage rate.
The number of marriage occurring among the population of a given area per year, per 1,000 total population.
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What is Net migration?
The difference between the numbers emigrating and those immigrating.
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What is a Neo conventional family?
This refers to a family where both partners work and may not be married however it is more symmetrical and happier.
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Define Patriarchy.
A form of society where males are the rulers and leaders exercise power, both at the level of society as a whole and within individual households.
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Define Primary socialisation.
Instilling basic skills and values in young children.
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What is a Reconstituted family?
A step family.
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Define Secularisation.
The process in which religious thinking, practices and organisations lose their social significance.
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What are Segregated gender roles?
Where the husband and wife have a clear cut division of labour.
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What is Serial monogamy?
Several marriage partners/long term relationships over the course of ones life.
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What is a Symmetrical family?
Where roles are shared more or less evenly within the family, even though they may be gender segregated.
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What is a Triple shift?
Paid work, housework, the emotional role.
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Define Urbanisation.
The growth of cities, or the movement of population of the land into towns.
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What is age patriarchy?
Age patriarchy is the idea that the world is run by adults and that children are oppressed and kept powerless in society.
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What is ageism?
The negative stereotyping of people on the basis of their age.
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Define alienation.
Where an individual or group feels socially isolated and estranged because they lack the power to control their lives and realise their true potential.
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What is Authority?


Possession of power which is seen as legitimate by whom it is wielded.

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What is a Beanpole family?


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