as sociology families and hoyseholds (pupule pages)

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1. what is Litwak’s suggestion that the extended family remains important for support and communication is through the phone or the internet

  • Postmodernism
  • Structural differentiation
  • Modified extended family
  • Patriarchal family
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2. what is the definition of: The time delay between women working full time and men doing more domestic work (Gershuny)

  • Dependency ratio
  • individualisation
  • Lagged adaptation
  • Structural differentiation

3. Who said that the family said we have always been nuclear because of the low life expectancy and high death rate before industrialisation and challenges parsons view

  • Parsons
  • Anderson
  • Laslett
  • Young and Willmott

4. A key policy which made state benefits more universal

  • Triple shift
  • Structural differentiation
  • The Beveridge Report
  • Dependency ratio

5. who agued that the the domestic division of labour is more equal among lesbian couples

  • Gershuny
  • Dunne
  • Duncombe and Marsden
  • Duncombe and Marsden


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