as sociology families and hoyseholds (pupule pages)

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1. what is the definition of: The idea that the family has lost functions and become more specialised

  • Domestic division of Labour
  • Structural differentiation
  • Patriarchal family
  • Modified extended family
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2. A key policy which made state benefits more universal

  • The Beveridge Report
  • Structural differentiation
  • Dependency ratio
  • Triple shift

3. what is the definition of : The job of caring for family members –usually the responsibility of the woman

  • Dual Burden
  • Emotion work
  • Triple shift
  • Child centeredness

4. Who said that the family said we have always been nuclear because of the low life expectancy and high death rate before industrialisation and challenges parsons view

  • Parsons
  • Laslett
  • Young and Willmott
  • Anderson

5. what is the definition of : The number of babies dying before they are one per thousand live births per year

  • Fertility Rate
  • Birth rate
  • Infant mortality Rate
  • Death rate


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