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Definition of representation
Representation is the way the media shows people , places , events. It is a process of selection and construction and the way something is shown depends on the target audience , the context and purpose.
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Is it bad news? “Bad news makes good news!”
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The availability of video footage, a photograph or soundbite makes it more likely that a story will become news
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The story may be selected to balance other news, such as a lighter story to balance a number of depressing stories
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: Is it a human interest story? Or can it be told from a human interest point-of-view?
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Elite people
Does the story concern well-known people, such as celebrities or politicians? Events which happen to people already well-known are likely to be covered
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Elite nations
Were has the event happened? Stories which occur in major Western nations are more likely to be reported
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Has this story already been defined as news?
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: Is it a rare or unexpected event? Conversely, an event which is unexpected is likely to be covered
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Did we expect it to happen? An event which meets expectations is likely to become news
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Is it clear and definite? A story which is easy to explain and understand is appealing to editors
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Does the time span of the event fit the frequency of the newspaper's or news broadcast's schedule? Murders and plane crashes are of short duration and nearly always fit into the schedule. Background to the news, such as economic, social or politic
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: Is it a big event or one which involves large numbers of people? The bigger the event the more likely it is to make the headlines
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Has it happened recently? Recency is important for all news organisations, but breaking news is favoured particularly by newspapers and 24 hour news channels
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Is it culturally close to home? British events and events abroad which include British nationals are more likely to be covered in British news media
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Representation of events essay plan
event 1: 1 How is the event represented? , 2 Support your points with detailed analysis from the text. , 3 Why is the representation the way that it is? (Purpose and context) x 2 then do the same for event 2
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Representation of ethnicity essay plan
text 1: How is ethnicity represented? Support your points with detailed analysis from the text ,Why is the representation the way that it is? (Purpose and context) Remember that this might be the type of text that it is and the target audience x 3
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Representation of the royal christening
The Independent , Thursday october 24th 2013 , page 27 vs OK magazine historic royal christening souvenir addition
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Methods to attract an audience
Visual, technical and audio codes – the way a text is constructed,Language and mode of address,Narrative structure, context/placement (for ads),positioning of the audience, audience pleasures
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How do media texts position audiences?
Media texts are constructed in order to place audiences in a particular position in relation to that text. Audience positioning concerns the relationship between the text and the responses an audience may have to that text.
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Why audiences may respond differently to media texts
Gender, Age (be careful about making generalisations though) , Ethnicity,Cultural competence,Situated culture (this includes our daily lives, routines, relationships with family and friends, and our upbringing),Context of consumption
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What are the three possible audience responses to positioning?
Dominant/Preferred, Negotiated, Oppositional
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How might audiences respond to the doctor who trail?
A younger audience with a more recent experience of Doctor Who may enjoy the high production values and action elements of the trail. They will accept the preferred reading intended by the producers , A negotiated response may come from… , An opposi
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How do media texts position audiences?
Through technical codes , Through the language and mode of address , Through the construction of the text and the audience, media texts can be seen to construct an idea of their audience or user.
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How does the Doctor who trail postion its audience?
The camera positions us to empathise with the Doctor and defines a range of villains clearly for the audience , We are encouraged to empathise with the Doctor’s predicament , The camera positions the audience as part of the action
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How audiences are constructed by media texts.
They create assumptions about the lifestyle of the audience and establish what is ‘normal’ in the world of the magazine. These magazines tend to be aspirational, and do not reflect the true lifestyle of the reader.
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Visual codes
Mise en Scene: setting and props , costume and hair & make up , facial exp/body language , lighting and color , positioning within frame
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Technical codes
lighting and colour: high key , low key , under lighting , top lighting , back lighting.
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