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 Unit 2 - Option D The British Empire Challenged 


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1. What was Gandhi's 'Swaraj'?

  • Non-violent campaign
  • Self-governance
  • Renouncing his sexual desires
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2. What did the Nehru Report show signs of?

  • Congresses willingness to co-operate with the Muslim League
  • Showed political divisions
  • Highlighted unity among the Indians

3. What did the Civil disobedience campaign consist of?

  • Not listening to Congress and being a public nuisance and not getting along with the neighbours
  • boycotting elections, not paying taxes, disallowing children to attend school, refusing to attend state meetings, refusing foreign goods
  • Being disrespectful to the British by ignoring their orders and not listening to them

4. In what way did the Amritsar massacre and the Rowlett Act change Gandhi's goal?

  • Gave him the desire to avenge the death of the dead innocent Indians
  • Goal changed from home Rule to full Independence
  • Hated the British and despised them

5. Where did Gandhi start out & develop his campaign?

  • South Africa
  • London
  • India


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