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2. Where is tissue fluid formed?

  • as blood passes through arteries
  • as blood passes through the capillaries
  • as blood passes through veins

3. hydrostatic pressure is the pressure that blood is under in the capillaries. what causes this pressure?

  • contraction of the ventricles
  • contraction of the capillaries
  • contraction of the atria

4. at what end of the capillary is hydrostatic pressure greater at?

  • the arteriole end
  • the venuel end
  • the end closest to the brain

5. solute potential of the blood, is also a pressure found in the blood. what liquid does it draw into the capillaries?

  • water
  • aqueous glucose solution
  • aqueous amino acid suspension




A useful set of basic, straightforward questions on flashcards to test your knowledge of circulation and the cardiac cycle which would be useful to print off and use, or combine with a quiz and a set of notes with annotated diagrams for a complete set of resources.



This quiz has absolutely nothing to do with Animal Transport!

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