AS Applied ICT - Key Terms and Definitions

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1. Why does the sales system have links with the stock control system?

  • So that they can arrange meetings to discuss the company's accounts.
  • So that items sold can be deducted from stock levels and staff have the most up to date information.
  • So they know when to buy more stock.
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2. What is the purpose of the accounts and finance system?

  • To order goods when they need to be restocked.
  • To keep track of payments, in going and out going payments and to manage cash flow.
  • To organise staff information and queries

3. What is the General Ledger?

  • Summarise the organisations accounts.
  • Lists the revenue, the expenditure and the net income during a particular period.
  • Lists the assets, debts and owners' investment at a particular date.

4. Confidential information such as this must be protected, what is the legislation used to do this?

  • Data Protection Act.
  • Computer Misuse Act

5. Which 5 pieces of information about employees would be stored in all systems?

  • Place of Birth, Birth Weight, Number of Siblings, Favourite Colour and Middle Names.
  • Full Name, DOB, Address, Gender, Education and Qualifications.
  • Eye Colour, Height, Weight, Clothes Size and Hair Colour.


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