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What is Data?
Raw numbers, letters, symbols, sounds or images.
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What is information?
Data with context.
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What is knowledge?
Information which human experience has been applied.
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What is Static Data?
Data that does not change.
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What is Dynamic Data?
Data that changes automatically without user intervention.
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What is a Direct Data Source?
Data collected for the purpose for which it will be used.
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What is a Indirect Data Source
Data that is collected for a different purpose.
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Give an example of Static Data.
CD-ROMs, Magazines, Totle of web pages.
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Give an example of Dynamic Data.
Weather Map.
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Quality of information is determined by?
Accuracy, Relevance, Age, Level of detail and Completeness.
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What is Encoding?
Storing data in a specific format.
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What is Encryption?
Scambling data so it cannot be understood without a decryption key.
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Give two advantages of coding?
Storage and Consistency.
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Give two disadvantages of coding?
Limited Codes and Interpretation.
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What is Ceaser Cipher?
A secret way of writing e.g. the alphabet could be shifted by 3 letters so that A=D, B=E. Its an algorithm.
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What is Symmetric Encryption?
Where both sender and receiver need a secret encryption and decryption key.
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What is Asymmetric Encryption?
Sender has a public key and recipient has a private key.
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What is HTTPS?
Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. Encrypted web pages.
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Name three methods of checking accuracy of data?
Validation, Verification, Proof-Reading
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Name the methods of Validation?
Presence Check, Range Check, Type Check, Length Check, Format Check.
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What is OCR. Explain how it works.
Optical Character Recognition.
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What is OMR. Explain how it works.
Optical Mark Reader.
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What is a Compiler?
Translates a program written in high level language into machine code. The file containing the the code is known as an executable file.
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What is an Interpreter?
Same as Compiler but translates each part of the code, line by line.
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What is a Linker?
Connects all the different modules of programming code.
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Name four different User Interfaces?
Command Line, GUI, Dialogue Interface and Gesture based.
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Define Utility Software?
Software that performs some sort of maintenance on the computer system.
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Define Operating System?
Software that manages the hardware within a system.
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What is information?


Data with context.

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What is knowledge?


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What is Static Data?


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What is Dynamic Data?


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