AS Terminology Quiz

A quiz on Lexis and Semantics, Written Discourse, Idiolect, Sociolect and Nouns. test your knowledge ! 

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1. Which is an example of a Concrete noun?

  • Guitar
  • Flock
  • Happiness
  • Wednesday
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2. What is meant by Semantic Ambiguity?

  • A word/phrase that has a no meaning
  • A word / phrase that is offensive
  • A word/ phrase that has a dual meaning
  • A word/ phrase that is specific

3. What is a Denotation?

  • A shortened definition of the word
  • A direct definition of the word
  • An associated meaning of the word
  • A wrong definition of the word

4. Which is an example of Covert Prestige?

  • "You aight, fam?"
  • "Bees, honey and pollen"
  • "Diverticulitis pain is often in the LLQ of the abdomen"
  • "Would you like a cup of tea?"

5. What is a Collocation?

  • A group of words that link to each other
  • Two words that mean the same
  • Pairs of words that are commonly placed next to each other
  • A pair of words that oppose each other


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