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1. What pattern does an electron form when aimed at a double slit?

  • One slit
  • Two diffraction patterns overlapping
  • A diffraction pattern when unobserved, and two slits when observed
  • No pattern forms
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2. What is Planck's constant?

  • 6.626x10^34
  • 6.02x10^26
  • 6.634x10^-34
  • 1.19x10^-19

3. What are the four SUVAT equations?

  • v^2=U^2+2AS, S=UT+1/2AT^2, v=U+AT, S= 1/2(U+V)T
  • 2V=2U+2AS, S=T+(2AT)^2, V=U-AT, S="(UV)+T
  • S=2V, V=U+2S-A, 2T=-U+V^2, S=T(2U+V)

4. What is a vector?

  • A force with a magnitude
  • A force that only has a vertical component
  • A force with a direction and magnitude
  • A force with a direction

5. What is Ohm's Law?

  • I=P/V
  • R=P/V
  • V=IR
  • I=VR


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