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what genre is the Bach brandenburg?
concerto grosso
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what key does the piece begin in?
F Major
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what is a 'flauto'?
treble recorder (wooden)
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what forms the concertino?
trumpet, recorder, oboe & violin
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what forms the ripieno?
2 Violin, Viola and Violone
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What is a violone?
Bass viole
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Bach was a _______ composer
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Name of the 5 keys Bach modulates to
Bb Major (IV), G Minor (rel. - of Bb), D Minor (Rel. -), C Major (V), A Minor (rel.- of V)
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what is 'LGL' and what key is it in?
overture to an opera, E Major
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what is the strucuture of LGL?
bridged sonota form?
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^ what does this mean?
no development section
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what does 'maestoso marziale' mean?
majestically marshall
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what is a 'fagotti'?
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what period in LGL considered to be in?
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3 features of the piece?
greater detail scoring, lyrical emotional melodies, expressive playing
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What does 'La', 'Mi' and 'Sol' mean?
La= A, Mi= E, Sol=G
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what does 'muta in Do' mean?
Clarinet in C
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what does 'div' mean?
section divided
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what does 'tutta force' mean?
full force
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what does antiphonal mean?
sound against sound
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what does 'double-dotting' do?
lengthens first note, shortens second
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what type of concerto is the mozart?
solo concerto (piano)
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What key is the piece in?
D minor
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e.g. of a borrowed chord
B63- B Natural in D minor, borrowed from B Major
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Name 4 new instruments in the Mozart
Piano, Clarinet, Flute, Timpani
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What is the stucture of the Mozart?
Sonata Form: Exposition, Development, Recapitchulation
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what key does the piece begin in?


F Major

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what is a 'flauto'?


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what forms the concertino?


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what forms the ripieno?


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