AS level Chemistry - atomic structure - atomic models quiz

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1. J J Thompson came up with the plum pudding model, but what was it?

  • A large lumpy mass that was a big mixture of protons, nuetrons and electrons
  • A spherical shape, with a positively charged pudding and randomly dotted negative electrons
  • A negatively charged pudding of electrons, with randomly dotted protons
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2. True or false: Bohr said that electrons have to be in shells otherwise the element would collapse

  • True
  • False

3. Who made modifications to Rutherfords model?

  • Bohr
  • Einstein
  • Dalton
  • Thompson

4. What else did he say about the level of energy in each shell?

  • It is always 3 or more
  • It is fixed
  • It varies
  • It is very very loud

5. What was added to Bohrs model to explain why som elements are inert?

  • different types of nucleus
  • Subshells
  • extra orbitals
  • extra electrons in orbitals


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