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2. When an electron _ _ _ _ _ between shells, electromagnetic radiation is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ or _ _ _ _ _ _ _

  • moves, emmited, absorbed
  • expand, changed, re-added
  • shrinks, removed, stays the same

3. What is another atomic model that hasn't been metioned yet?

  • Quantum model
  • double nucleus model
  • There aren't any other models

4. True or false: Radiation will have a fixed frequency

  • true
  • false

5. How did Rutherford discover his improved version of an atomic model?

  • They used a large amount of heat and managed to split apart the atom, which they studied underneath a microscope
  • They found faults in the plum pudding model, so they guessed what it should be
  • alpha particles fired straight at a thin sheet of gold. They expected most of them to be deflected by the possitive pudding, but most passed straight through, with some being deflected back
  • They used an electron microscope


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