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1. what is an economic benefit of globalisation

  • decreased pollution levels in MEDCs
  • availability of derelict land in MEDCs
  • increased wages and quality of life in NICs & RICs
  • developing countries getting better education
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2. why are LDCs disconnected

  • lack of TNCs, Exploitation, trade injustice, debt
  • political problems, disease, lack of resources
  • debt, lack of trade, lack of education
  • trade injustice, late industrialisation, war

3. which is the most used development measure

  • life expectancy
  • CO2 emissions
  • human development index
  • GDP per capita

4. which facts about mcdonalds are correct

  • located in 118 countries, $41 billion sales, 310000 resteraunt
  • employs 33 million, operates in 50 continents
  • 11th most valuable brand, $23 billion sales
  • 1250 overseas stores, 60% profits from Asia, located in 61% of world countries

5. which of the following is a false fact about coca cola

  • has 230 factories in Europe
  • most well known company around the world
  • operates in all 193 countries


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