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1. why are LDCs disconnected

  • political problems, disease, lack of resources
  • debt, lack of trade, lack of education
  • lack of TNCs, Exploitation, trade injustice, debt
  • trade injustice, late industrialisation, war
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2. what is a social cost of globalisation

  • loss of manufacturing in MEDCs
  • increased carbon footprint
  • exploitation of workers in developing countries
  • increased GDP per capita in developing countries

3. which fact about china isn't true

  • chinas economy grows at 9% per year
  • china consumes 40% of the worlds coal
  • china makes 55% of the worlds mobile phones
  • china makes 50% worlds clothes

4. why are MEDCs powerful and wealthy

  • healthcare, education, skilled workforce
  • industrialisation, TNCs, exploitation of colonies, technology
  • infrastructure, memberships of international organisations, high population
  • skilled workforce, international organisations, access to resources

5. which of the following is not a TNC influence

  • global villages
  • technological development
  • job creation
  • spread of products and culture


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