AS Chemistry Topic 6.3

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1. What do aldehydes do in Benedict's

  • reduce Cu2+ to Cu+, precipitating in alkaline solution to give an orange/brown solution
  • turns the solution green
  • makes it colourless
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2. The hydrolysis of halogenoalkanes to form alcohols has to be carried out in the presence of ethanol

  • True
  • False

3. halogenoalkane + OH (warm aqueous KOH) =

  • alcohol via substitution
  • alkene via elimination

4. why are alcohols more reactive than alkanes

  • the C-O and O-H bonds are polar
  • the OH group has a -ve charge
  • they are flammable

5. Substitution happens more readily in ________ halogenoalkanes

  • primary
  • secondary + tertiary


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