AS Chemistry Topic 6.2

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1. Conditions for the addition of hydrogen to alkenes

  • either
  • room temp in the presence of a platinium/palladium catalyst
  • 150C in presence of nickel catalyst
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2. steps that remove free radicals by turning them into molecules

  • propagation
  • termination
  • initiation

3. when alkenes are shaken in bromine water they produce.......

  • a mixture of products (halogenoalcohol/halogenoalkane)
  • only one product (halogenoalkane)

4. When does propagation end? (termination)

  • when two free radicals combine
  • when you run out of reactants
  • when you remove all reactants

5. In free radical substitution of halogenation what happens in the propagation stage

  • an alkyl free radical reacts with a halogen molecule to form the halogenoalkane, generating another halogen free radical
  • both
  • halide free radicals remove hydrogen atoms from the alkane to form hydrogen halides and a new free radical (alkyl)


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