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2. why are sodium+potassium compounds good chemical reagents?

  • all of them
  • the metal ions are unreactive and act as spectator ions
  • most compounds are soluble in water
  • compounds are colourless in aqueous solution so do not interfere with colour changes

3. Which is not true about the group 2 nitrates?

  • they are more difficult to decompose going UP the group
  • they are colourless crystalline solids
  • they are very soluble
  • they decompose to the oxide on heating (+nitrogendioxide + oxygen)

4. the solubility of the group 2 hydroxides ________ down the group

  • increases
  • decreases

5. sulfates are.......

  • all soluble
  • mostly soluble (barium+lead)
  • all insoluble
  • mostly soluble (silver+lead)


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