AS Biology Topic 2.5

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1. Water Potential

  • a measure of the tendency of water molecules to diffuse from one region to another
  • the concentration of water molecules in a solution
  • the diffusion of water molecules from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration
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2. In pure water, the water potential inside the cell is...........than the surroundings

  • lower
  • higher

3. active transport and osmosis can never work together

  • false
  • true

4. a solution where the concentration of solute molecule is greater inside the cell than outside

  • hypotonic
  • hypertonic
  • isotonic

5. The net movement of water down the water potential gradient from a high water potential to a low water potential across a partially permeable membrane

  • osmosis
  • simple diffusion
  • facilitated diffusion


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